What We Do

As a Focused Retail Consultancy, we believe that a strong and deep initial relationship is essential for success. Our step by step process gives all parties comfort in what is happening at all times, and constant communication using a variety of tech options will ensure a good UNDERSTANDING of your wants and needs.

For most projects, the initial fact finding exchanges give way to a structured ASSESSMENT, with on-ground reviews and face to face meetings to uncover exactly what is needed. From there, our PROPOSAL will be tailored, menu style, so that we drive to the heart of your pain points quickly and ensure the maximum return for our time together, quickly.

Projects can be focused, quick win attacks, or longer, deeper Transformational engagements, lasting 2 or more quarters depending on the scale of the changes required.

Proving the ROI

Each Project is accompanied by a detailed Commercial Methodology, which will capture some facts about your business and overlay the expected VALUE RETURN for the project. Think of these as KPI's if you will, which gives you piece of mind that you can measure how effective our time together will be. We can build in TARGETS for each micro element of the project, and defined timescales so you know what we will deliver by when.

First Consultation

Our first communications will be a series of calls, mails and video chats - designed at no cost to you to provide a fast assessment of your particular wants and needs. This can take between 1 and 4 weeks depending on the proposed scale of the project and the time you have available.

CONTACT US to schedule your no-obligation initial consultation.

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